Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last night we had a wonderful cultural treat. We got to listen to composers and musicians from Isaac's village sing songs. Isaac has been sharing some Bible stories and together they have been composing songs. Music is a wonderful bridge to presenting the gospel. This song is about the fall of man.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Terah Jo has been such a breath of fresh air to have with us for the past three months. Her love for kids is amazing as is their love for her. This will be the last week in Ghana and then she flies back home a week from today from Accra.

Just recently she learned how to make the Ghanaian head dress as pictured above.

Where ever she and Ryan decide to share Christ with kids they will do a wonderful job. Please pray with us that they will join us in Ghana. A great foundation has already been laid and they will do a great job.

Thank you Terah Jo. We love you and will miss you.

Terry and Amy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bobby and Mandy have decided to join our team. They have been approved by Team Expansion and have secured a two year lease on a house in Buipe.

We look forward to their coming. Their goal for coming is January 1st. There is much to do. They have a few more start up funds and monthly support to raise.

We would appreciate your continued prayers.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bobby and Mandy Graham have been with us a little over a week researching whether they would like to join our team. I took them out to the animal husbandry development which means walking through water so naturally we had to wear boots and Bobby and I had to carry our machetes.

We've had a good time getting acquainted and have been processing many questions.

Please pray with us for clarity for God will.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Four Gonja Baptisms

September 30th we had a real treat during our worship service. Sophia, Isaac's niece, had been sharing stories with Salu (top right). He came to church saying he wanted to become a follower of Christ. When we went to baptize him, Emmanuel (top left), Aziz (bottom left) and Emmanuel (bottom right, Isaac's oldest son) all decided to be baptized into Christ.

They are all Gonja and I can't wait to see what God will do as they share their faith with others.

May God be glorified!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mark's Visit

It was great having Mark, one of our friends and partners in ministry, visiting us from the States.

Eyes on the ground are the best way of understanding what God is doing.

On the way from Accra to Buipe our truck broke down. At first we were wondering how much of Mark's visit would be spent waiting for the truck to be repaired. But praise God we broke down in a town where we had friends who referred us to some mechanics who diagnosed the problem and had us up and running early the next morning. We all marveled at the fact that they located a used rear-end for our truck and replaced it with very few tools. God is good!

Mark helped with several projects around the Permaculture Training site, was able to visit Isaac's farm and experience church under a Shea Nut tree at Isaac's house, Gonja style.

Each night we played Pinochle which was a real treat.

Thank you Mark for your sacrifice.

God was glorified through your visit.

Terry and Amy Ruff

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well, the masons have worked hard at raising the addition to the Permaculture Training Center. This addition will have three bedrooms and a training room that we can use to house mission teams and area leaders that will come to the center for training. We will be using it to teach people organic farming principles that will help them raise food and animals for their families and villages. The concept of being good stewards of the land by replenishing the soil with compost material (instead of burning), controlling insects with local plants like neem and lemon grass and containing animals by the means of living fences is unknown to them and at best rarely practiced.

Community development is a large part of our vision of sharing Christ with those with whom we work. Loving people in practical ways allows them to know we care and opens up doors for sharing the love of God through Bible stories.

Of course we will also use it to train Christian leaders and church planters as well. In just a few weeks Isaac will be training church leaders from various villages where he has planted churches. Whether the training is to help church leaders be better leaders and church planters or to help their people with practical methods of agriculture that will help the people of their villages, our prayer is God will be glorified!

The center above is being completed as the funds come in. $10,000 has been pledged and $5,000 more needs to be raised to complete the site development. Please make this a matter of prayer. The sooner we have it completed the sooner we can use it for the glory of God.

May God be glorified!

Terry and Amy